Yankee Flyers of Connecticut

YFOC Meeting Minutes 07-12-18

The Meeting was called to order at 1836 hours by President Dave Black, with six souls in attendance.

The treasurer's report was read and accepted into the minutes.

The Secretary apologizes for not having included a typed version of the minutes from June, and had to read from his notes, which is always scary. Once read, they were accepted into the minutes.

Old Business

Next scheduled meeting of the YFOC will be at the Bull Hill Rec. area on August 9th at 6:30 PM, or 1830 hrs. whichever occurs first.

New Business

The issue of a Drone flyer seeking admission into the club was brought up. There currently is no wording in the By-laws addressing drone flight, nor is there a category in or with the AMA categories listing on their insurance application forms. Essentially it is left to us to decide.

It was stated that the boat launch area should be designated as a no drone fly zone due to its proximity to the dam, and other flight areas should be governed by the "line of sight rules".

Assessment of the next two float flies will be made, to try and determine the best two days during the 2019 flying season on which to hold them. We are loosing one day due to a change in the wood splitting agreement we previously had.

The issue of non-dues paying members came up, but nothing was decided, I think.

Respectfully Submitted:

Ron Bouchard

YFOC Secretary.